Small Enterprises

Communication that increases your business

In order to compete and thrive in today’s business world, you need simple, seamless, and comprehensive enterprise-grade communication solutions. Voice and data communication, Internet access, email and web hosting are all vital to the core business. By delivering superior quality telecommunications and IT services, we can help make your business more competitive while simplifying your daily operations.

ComBox offers a wide-ranging portfolio of advanced, yet easy-to-use services and bundles. Our data networking and Internet connectivity can help your teams access critical information faster, saving your company time and money. Our comprehensive calling plans help you optimize budgets, no matter the size of your business and the complexity of your network needs.


  • Focus on advancing your business
  • Easy one-stop access to full set of must-have solutions
  • One reliable partner to manage ICT solutions
  • Reliability and first-class support at a competitive price
  • Substantial cost savings and predictability

Popular Services

Among our many services developed for business customers, we provide small and medium-sized enterprises with simple and reliable solutions that enable them to maximize their business operations.

Our most popular services include:

  • Internet connectivity with economical DSL access or robust symmetrical Internet access options
  • Comprehensive voice services with competitive pricing packages, provided either with IP telephony, IP Centrex, or traditional PSTN solutions
  • Enterprise-class cloud computing solutions to streamline your online presence and e-commerce services
  • Elastic storage services to safeguard large quantities of data