Network Services

With cyber attacks growing in strength and number, it’s harder to avoid becoming a victim. Prepare by learning all you can from the latest data on threat patterns and the anatomy of attacks. Recognize where your organization is most vulnerable, where opportunity for data loss is greatest, and how it can be controlled and prevented. And respond strategically, with intelligence-based security protocols and controls that help secure your business around the globe. Our fully managed services platform, combining multiple services over a single access line are the answer to this rising issue. By separating traffic flows into multiple VPN, your single access line can carry IPVPN services, Ethernet Services and Internet Services. ComBox offers you a fully managed services platform, combining multiple services over a single access line. It delivers maximum security, maximum scalability and maximum flexibility at maximum cost efficiency. Your employees gain reliable access to video conferencing, collaboration tools, and to private or shared cloud-based Services.


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Internet Access

Internet, IP Transit

In the global economy your business needs to perform both through your own network of operations and through chosen partnerships and alliances. Driven by this need for extended connectivity, more and more businesses are adopting Ethernet services as the most effective approach to international networking. Our extraordinary developed fibre-optic network brings you the full benefits of deploying IP and Ethernet VPN across your international operations, delivering you a reliable, secure and agile solution.

The power of the Internet is changing the way the business world operates and supports customers every day. Internet business users demand more bandwidth and higher quality services to take full advantage of the latest Internet applications and technologies. Our regional IP network helps you meet your growing customer demands and improve customer satisfaction, application performance, and international connectivity. Whether you need to exchange information with customers and partners, access cloud platforms, or stream digital content, ComBox provides flexible and efficient solutions to tackle the specific connectivity requirements you and your end users require.