Communication Services

ComBox provides a full set of voice solutions built on the network in Serbia and Slovenia. Whether your company is a small business, a large enterprise, or a call center, ComBox offers simple and secure voice access and transmission solutions, value-added services, and flexible pricing options. Mobile and fixed communications, complete IP-based solutions come with a wide array of additional services, all using the latest technology to meet your specific business needs.


Mobile and fixed communication


Videoconference, Teleconference

Mobility is the core of your organization. Regardless of your company’s line of business, you must be accessible to your existing and prospective customers. Your employees need reliable communication tools that develop and strengthen your interaction with clients and partners.

Today’s mobile devices are pocket offices for people on the move. When you combine ComBox 4G LTE speed and network coverage with our expertise and mobility solutions, you empower your people with the tools and technology they need to get the job done virtually anywhere, at any time.

Effective internal and external communication is vital to succeeding in today’s business environment. We assist our customers through collaboration and a variety of messaging options. Collaboration solutions enhance communication within groups and boost productivity.
Best-in-class network technology supports all our solutions, guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations.